Most US Businesses & Nonprofits are Qualifying for Federal Refund Checks of up to $26,000 (per W2 employee)

*IMPORTANT: These refunds never have to be forgiven or paid back. (And almost everyone we've spoken with who was told by an advisor that they didn't qualify, actually DOES qualify under the current criteria). That said, there has been A LOT of confusion about how the program actually works since the law changed 5 times in the past year (details below).

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Why is This Critically Important Right Now?

Forbes: "The IRS anticipated that approximately 70%-80% of small and medium businesses (as well as tens of thousands of charities) were good candidates for [this tax refund]."

"The reality is — to date the actual numbers of businesses and charities applying is far below that...and [they] are leaving billions of dollars on the table..."

"Hundreds of thousands [of SMBs & nonprofits] across the country are failing to take advantage of this. Billions of dollars are available...but you have to apply."

Refunds are only available for a limited time, and the IRS backlog is getting worse daily...

Recent Case Studies & Refund Checks

Many of these companies were previously told that they didn't qualify, but decided to get a risk-free 2nd (or 3rd) opinion, and several are being approved for both 2020 AND 2021 (which typically results in a much bigger refund check)

Bar & Nightlife Industry $553,500+ in 2020 & 2021 41 employees
Healthcare Industry $599,891.59 for 2020 195 employees
Contracting Industry $364,283.71 for Q1 2021 59 employees
Nonprofit Industry $111,150.41 for 2020 25 employees
Restaurant Industry $213,029.88 for 2020 56 employees
Distribution Industry $1,152,330.98 for Q1 2021 208 employees
Home Services Industry $39,262.33 for 2020 41 employees
Manufacturing Industry $252,104.88 for 2020 63 employees
Hospitality/Hotel Industry $620,416.97 for 2020 383 employees
Marketing Industry $50,954.46 for Q3 2021 11 employees
Food Prep Industry $528,340.02 for Q1/Q2 2021 156 employees
School/Education Industry $111,150.41 for 2020 25 employees
Gym & Exercise Industry $51,455.01 for 2020 16 employees
Church/Religious Organization $30,782.22 for 2020 12 employees
Multi Location Restaurant $203,233.79 for 2020 53 employees
Franchise Industry $371,551.39 for 2020 312 employees
Beauty/Hair Salon Industry $107,793.22 for 2020 36 employees
Staffing/Recruiting Industry $275,099.46 for 2020 326 employees
Field Exam Industry $324,846.66 for Q1/Q2 2021 30 employees
Engineering Industry $21,000+ for Q1-Q3 2021 2 employees
Restaurant Industry $1,950,000+ for 2020 & 2021 150 employees
Franchise Industry $5,250,000+ for 2020 & 2021 350 employees
Software Industry $398,017.23 for 2020 19 employees
Insurance Industry $127.932.01 for 2020 9 employees
Security Industry $1,245,000+ for 2020 & 2021 389 employees
Nonprofit Industry $245,000+ for 2020 41 employees
Campground/RV Industry $260,973.10 for 2020 73 employees
Cleaning Industry $170,865.03 for 2020 55 employees
Pizza & Sandwich Industry $376,455.17 for 2021 91 employees

Dennis Reiken Shares His ERTC Experience

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What’s this new Tax Credit for?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC/ERTC) was authorized under the CARES Act and encouraged organizations to keep employees on their payroll during the C19 pandemic (both for-profit companies & non-profit organizations are eligible).

  • Image The 2020 ERC Program is a tax credit for 50% of up to $10,000 in wages paid PER EMPLOYEE from 3/12/20-12/31/20 by an eligible employer.
  • Image THAT’S UP TO $5,000 PER EMPLOYEE in 2020!
  • Image The 2021 ERC Program increased to 70% of up to $10,000 in wages paid PER EMPLOYEE PER QUARTER.
  • Image THAT’S UP TO $21,000 PER EMPLOYEE in 2021!*
  • Image (Q1-Q3 for companies operating prior to 2/15/20)

Already claimed your ERTC refund check? Want a cash advance? What about R&D tax credits? Or Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)? Or cost-seg studies? Or maybe another one of the hundreds of municipality-level and state-level economic incentive programs that most business owners don't even realize are available for their company? (We can connect you with a specialist for all of them).

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FAQs & Common Misconceptions

Although it is technically called a "tax credit," it is most frequently received as a cash payment from the IRS. There is also no dollar limit for how much a business can receive, and no requirements for how you spend it once you've been approved.

This program is not an "income tax credit" and isn't related to your annual business tax returns or your income statement/P&Ls. Because the credit is based on W2 payroll taxes, nonprofits are eligible as well.

While these tax credits in theory should be retroactive for a while, there's no guarantee how long the funding for this will last or if the incentives will be changed once again in the future.

The good news is that it won't cost you anything to find out. We found and vetted ERC accounting specialists who have kept up with all the recent legislative changes, will explain your local/state requirements, and help you determine your eligibility (at no cost) and calculate the correct refund amount your business may be owed.

Eligible Employers for the purposes of the Employee Retention Credit are those that carry on a trade or business during calendar years 2020 & 2021 (including a tax-exempt organization) that either:

1. Fully or partially* suspended operations by a governmental order (AND/OR)

2. Experienced a significant decline in gross receipts during a calendar quarter

*It is absolutely critical to get specialized advice about this. (And possibly even a 2nd opinion). An organization can be considered "partially suspended" if a state/local mandate imposed restrictions by limiting commerce, travel, or meetings (for social, commercial, religious, or other purposes). This can be a "Stay at Home" order, limited indoor/on-site access, limited/canceled in-person meetings and other capacity restrictions, reduced operating hours, delayed production timelines due to supply chain issues, or several other possibilities you should consider and seek personal advice on.

The ERC was not widely used until March 2021, when updated IRS regulations made this type of COVID-19 Relief more accessible. In short: thousands of businesses who once had to "choose" between the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and ERC can now qualify for both by amending their Quarterly 941s.

It's critically important to realize the legislation for this program has changed FIVE times in the past year, and still has many pending changes that are currently being voted on (at the time of writing).

Want more information? Just read Notice 2021-20 on the official IRS FAQ website. Refunds are currently being processed daily by tax credit professionals. That said, the IRS backlog is starting to increase as well, so time is of the essence to find out if your business qualifies for this refund ASAP.

As with most things in business, tax credits often require specialized knowledge and experience. Considering the legislation on ERC has already changed several times, it's understandable that many payroll firms, CPAs, and tax advisors may not want to risk their license (or don't have time) to advise on and calculate an audit-ready refund check for a once-in-a-pandemic incentive program like the ERC.

It's important to fully document all processes and procedures, organize records properly, and ideally avoid an IRS audit. The ERC has complex calculating requirements such as Controlled Group criteria, documenting qualification methodology, coordination with PPP loans, allocating healthcare expenses to the appropriate time periods, etc. Hiring specialists can help reduce "audit stress" while also not worrying about leaving a ton of money on the table.

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